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Welcome to Golden Lover's

The gastronomic experience that will take you to your favorite restaurants at the Golden Zone.

This culinary journey is a promise that every visit becomes unparalleled.


With your Golden Lover's passport, you can obtain incredible offers by visiting the different restaurants at the Golden Zone.

Enjoy this Golden Lover's gastronomic experience, where you will discover new sensations and flavors that will delight your palate with every dish.


Get to know what makes Jack's special


This dish is served with baked potato, grilled vegetables, and Jack’s salad. It is recommended to accompany it with a good Cabernet or Blend red wine. Finally, you cannot finish your delicious meal without a tasty dessert like chocolate cake.


Get to know what makes Presto special

Pollo Parmigiana

This dish, with its delicious ingredients such as breaded chicken with pesto spaghetti, garlic, oregano, olive oil, mozzarella cheese sauce, and more mozzarella cheese, Pomodoro sauce, and asparagus, can be accompanied by squid rings or a delicious cream of mushroom soup. You can pair it with a glass of Pinot Noir red wine that will leave your palate with an incomparable sensation. Finally, we recommend our special dessert: Lava Cake, with a cappuccino sweetening your perfect night.


Get to know what makes Baja Lobster special

Paella Negra

Winner of the Los Cabos Paella Festival 6th edition in 2023, it comes to delight us with its variety of ingredients like blood sausage, shrimp, clams, mussels, pork, and chicken, along with its wild rice with garlic, butter, chimichurri, a touch of white wine and what gives it its characteristic color, squid ink. This dish goes well with a good Matua Sauvignon white wine for its peach, pear, and green apple acid flavors. To end this delicious experience, finish sweetening your palate with our white and dark chocolate mousse served with strawberries.


Get to know what makes Golden Legend special

Golden Burger

We have the Golden Burger specialty that comes to delight us with its hamburger with juicy Rib Eye meat to the term of your choice, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato, avocado and caramelized onion. This dish is served with Onion Rings; however, you must take advantage of the opportunity to try the Golden Potatoes, which are dipped in cheddar cheese and sprinkled with bacon or the Calamari Rings served with chipotle dressing. Enjoy a good draft beer or a cocktail of your choice. Finish the experience by tasting a sweet brownie with vanilla ice cream.


Golden Zone History

We have decided to create a humble but refined environment where our respected patrons can enjoy the finest quality seafood prepared with the utmost diligence

The Golden Zone and its beginnings started a few years ago. However, this well-known zone, recognized by its variety of restaurants, cannot be mentioned without the founding resort that led to the possibility of establishing it, and that is Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa, which opened in 1991 at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas. The resort was the first hotel from the Mexico Grand Hotels family, with its perfect location and harbor views. It opened restaurants at the Marina, and the first one, Los Deseos, in 2004 with a Mexican concept and cuisine. Los Deseos wanted to transmit Mexican traditions through its gastronomy. After a year, in 2005, the trademark “Golden Zone” was established, and various restaurants, including Presto, Imomo, and Los Corsarios, were opened. In 2008, a pirate-theme restaurant named Jack´s Bar & Grill opened, differentiating from the rest of them, and in the same year, Los Corsarios had to close. Regardless, in 2009, Baja Lobster, a seafood restaurant with luxurious dishes such as lobster and its famous Blackened Paella, became famous. Marina Fiesta also expanded its territory by opening Tower III within the resort in 2014. Following, Presto, which is an Italian restaurant, reopened its doors in 2020 due to renovations, leaving the place dazzling.



Marina Fiesta: Grand Opening of Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas


Los Deseos: Opening of the Mexican restaurant “Los Deseos” at the Marina


Golden Zone: The trademark Golden Zone is established and opened a range of restaurants such as Presto, Imomo & Los Corsarios


Jack’s Bar & Grill: Closed Los Corsarios and opened Jack’s Bar & Grill, a pirate-theme restaurant


Baja Lobster Co: Opening of Baja Lobster Seafood Restaurant at the Golden Zone


Tower III at MF: Grand opening of Tower III at Marina Fiesta featuring luxury suites




Reopening Presto: Presto reopened due to renovations


Reopening Los Deseos: Los Deseos reopened due to renovations

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